All day brekky.

Incredible Coffee.

Oh, and Popcorn Haloumi!


 sublime cafe

55 East Avenue, Clarence Park, SA

Open 7 days.

There is nothing more comforting than a beautiful meal made by someone who cares.

Come in, have a coffee and let us look after you.

We pride ourselves on sourcing local produce and being community minded. We sponsor local teams and stock products created by our small business friends. We’re environmentally conscious and choose with our dollar wherever possible. We have a deep commitment to recycling and purchase from sustainable companies where we can.

To be honest, these practises are second nature to us. It’s who we are.

If we had to choose one thing we are most proud of? It’s that our food is really, really good.

Yes, a double really was needed.

Come in and see for you yourself! We’ll be really, really happy to have you.


cafe menu


Stay tuned for special events coming to Sublime Cafe.